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Why We Use Stainless Steel Crowns on Your Child’s Back Teeth

Your child can lose baby teeth too soon from having cavities, often because of a poor diet or lax oral hygiene care. But their baby teeth are important as they maintain a space for the permanent tooth to come in behind it. That's why we offer stainless steel crowns to... Read more »

Breast Feeding: A Great Start!

Written By: Irene Castillo, MPH, RDN Motherhood comes with so many choices. Breastfeed? Formula? A combo of both? Parenting paths vary, so to help you make the best decision regarding breastfeeding, we did some research on its many benefits and found some helpful info to share with you. Ready? Let’s... Read more »

Sugary Drinks Blog Series – Part 3 – (A Three-Part Journey)

Part 3: Sugar in Your Blood Written By: Irene Castillo, MPH, RDN Hey, Sugarbugs! We’ve been talking a lot about sugary drinks. And it got us wondering, what happens to all this sugar when it enters your body? We did some research and this is what we discovered. First, added... Read more »

Sugary Drinks Blog Series – Part 2 (A Three-Part Journey)

Part 2: How to Spot the Sugar in Nutrition Labels Written By: Irene Castillo, MPH, RDN Nutrition labels are fun! They hold the key to decoding what you’re about to consume. Check out this nutrition label. One bottle of this beverage has 65 grams of added sugar. Woah! In a... Read more »

What To Do if Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can arise at any time and by their very nature, can be unpredictable. Still, there are some things that can help you should you find your child experiencing a common dental emergency like an oral injury. This can help them get the dental care they need as quickly... Read more »

Sugary Drinks Blog Series – Part 1 (A Three-Part Journey)

Part 1: Sugary Drinks and Your Health Written By: Irene Castillo, MPH, RDN Hey, Sugarbugs! Did you know sugary beverages are one of the largest sources of calories in your diet?  They’re hard to avoid.  Just look at any label and you might find added sugar labeled as high fructose... Read more »

Sugarbug’s Guac Recipe

Fun Fact: Avocados can help prevent tooth decay. As if we needed another reason to love guacamole.  So, have some fun slicing, dicing, and chopping with Sugarbug’s Guac!   INGREDIENTS (Gotta Have ‘Em) 3 Medium Ripe Hass Avocados (Smooshed) 1 Medium Ripe Tomato (Diced) 1/4 Cup Green Onion (Sliced) 1/4... Read more »

Digital X-Rays Can Make Your Child’s Next Dental Visit Quicker and More Comfortable

When it comes to our patient's young and impressionable smiles, our Sugarbug Dental team makes every effort to make your child's dental visits comfortable, relaxing and fun! We want to help your child have positive associations when reclining in the dental chair so they will feel at home and ready... Read more »

The Perfect Bite! Dr. Nanda Tells All

Our final stop on the path to strong and healthy teeth is a conversation with Dr. Nanda from Sugarbug Orthodontics – covering all your questions about braces. INTERVIEWER: Hi, Dr. Nanda – thanks so much for sharing your time with us! Let’s start with the basics – what’s the average... Read more »

Keep Your Child’s Teeth Aligned After Orthodontics With a Retainer

Has your child worn braces or Invisalign Teen® aligners to straighten their teeth for a healthier, more appealing smile? Orthodontics is a wonderful way to straighten your child's teeth, line up their jaws to give them a better bite, fill in gaps between teeth and even fix crowding of their... Read more »





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