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Learn How You Can Keep Baby Bottle Tooth Decay From Harming Your Child’s Teeth

Your baby's erupting teeth are a milestone that marks the growth of their smile. Even though these baby teeth (primary teeth) are tiny, they're also vital to your child's developing oral structure. Baby teeth hold those spots for permanent adult teeth to come in later. Without these "placeholder" teeth, your... Read more »

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth and Gums While Playing Sports With a Custom Mouth Guard

Summer is in full swing and our team hopes your child is making the best of it. For some, that means playing contact sports or activities that involve flying objects. Whatever sports activity your child is playing, we highly recommend wearing a sports guard that can protect their mouth, teeth... Read more »

June Is Oral Health Awareness Month! See How You Can Support Your Child’s Developing Smile!

June is Oral Health Month and our Sugarbug Dental & Orthodontics team in Oxnard, CA, is here for it! Did you know that a healthier smile means a healthier body? That's a great incentive to teach your child how to brush and floss daily to instill in them a desire... Read more »

When Is the Best Time for Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

When it comes to your child's oral health, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association advises that children see a pediatric dentist early on for their first dental exam within six months from when their first tooth comes in. By providing early infant and toddler dental... Read more »

Does Your Child Engage in Sleep Bruxism? A Pediatric Mouthguard or Occlusal Guard Can Protect Their Teeth and Jaw!

Does your child grind their teeth or clench their jaw at night? This nocturnal habit can lead to tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion, but wearing a night guard can help prevent your child from damaging their teeth, jaw and bite. Our Sugarbug Dental team offers mouthguards that are custom crafted... Read more »

Your Child Might Need a Pulpotomy To Preserve a Baby Tooth Before the Adult Tooth Is Ready

Your child's teeth have their own schedule for coming in preparing the way for adult teeth later. Still, these baby teeth are important because they maintain the space in their jaw for the adult teeth to finish developing and emerge when ready. If the primary tooth is unhealthy because of... Read more »

This National Children’s Dental Health Month, Learn How Dental Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Developing Smile

February heralds the annual American Dental Association's (ADA) National Children's Dental Health Month! Designed to raise awareness for optimal oral health in children, the NCDHM has been helping millions of families across the country. This year they are promoting better oral health with the theme "Sealants Make Sense." The goal... Read more »

Why Your Child Might Need To Wear a Dental Crown for a Problem Tooth

When it comes to your child's smile, you may be surprised if our pediatric dentist recommends a dental crown to fix a damaged tooth. But there are good reasons for your child to get a crown, such as when a tooth is severely decayed, preventing a dental filling from being... Read more »

Keeping Your Child’s Smile Safe During the Holidays

As another year draws to a close, our pediatric team is truly grateful to be able to help your child's developing smile stay healthy and strong. We understand the importance of setting a solid oral foundation while your child is young so their oral health encourages a lifetime of smiles! Why... Read more »

Ventura County’s Fall Harvest Is Here and Pumpkins and Persimmons Are on the Menu

Written by: Irene Castillo, MPH, RD The leaves are changing colors, Sugarbugs – and that means fall is upon us! In Ventura County, local farmers provide a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy. When you shop seasonal produce, you get the best flavor and value.  Next... Read more »





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