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Below, you will information about the common concerns and questions we hear from our patients’ parents at Sugarbug Dental. If you are curious about other pediatric topics not mentioned here, please contact our dentists, Dr. Armand Begian and associates, and team at (805) 985-2400 and we will do our best to help you. We look forward to seeing your child at our pediatric dental office in Oxnard, CA.


When should my child have their first visit to the dentist?

As recommended by the AAPD, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we like to see children for their first dental visit when their first tooth appears, or no later then their first birthday.

How can I prepare my child for their first visit to the dentist?

Start early! To get your child ready for the visit, talk to them about what’s going to happen in a positive way. Avoid words like “shots” or “hurt” when describing the dentist. Have your child practice opening his or her mouth to get them ready for when the pediatric dentist counts and checks their teeth. Reading books or watching online videos about first dental visits may help your child be less fearful and more confident.

What happens during my child’s first visit?

This first visit accomplishes three things:

  1. Familiarizes your child with the dentist, staff and office environment in a non-threatening way
  2. Allows the dentist to examine your child and evaluate for dental decay or problems affecting your child’s gums, jaws, bite, frenum as well as issues that may affect teeth eruption or speech patterns
  3. Allows the dentist to discuss good oral hygiene and nutrition as well as tips to prevent early childhood caries (i.e., decay in infants and toddlers).

After the first visit, the AAPD recommends that children come in at least every 6 months.

Please view our Infant and Toddler Examination page for more information about what to expect during the first visit.

When will my child start and stop teething?

Children often begin teething between 4-10 months old, but they begin to develop teeth during the second trimester of the mother’s pregnancy. You can also estimate when your child’s teeth will start erupting by looking at when you started teething. If your teeth erupted a little early or late, it is likely your child’s teeth will do the same. By age three, your child should have a complete set of 20 primary teeth.

Is sedation dentistry safe for children?

Sedation dentistry can be effective in calming children who are anxious or uncomfortable at the dentist. Our pediatric dentists and anesthesiologist ensure that all guidelines for monitoring and management of patients during and after sedation are followed, so that all sedations are performed as safely as possibly.  If you would like to see if your child is a candidate for sedation dentistry, our dentists will be happy to evaluate, discuss all options, and answer all of your questions.

When will my child lose their teeth?

It is typical for a child to begin losing their first tooth at approximately five years of age, and to continue to lose their primary teeth until the age of 12 or 13. The ages at which your child may lose their baby teeth vary.