Healthy Hydration for Your Family

Hydration is key to your family’s health! So, Sugarbug is here to tell you a little bit about how to stay hydrated all day, every day. You might be wondering what some of the benefits of hydration are.  Well, firstly, the obvious.  Hydration is opposite of dehydration – which you don’t want!  Water helps regulate your body temperature and it... read more »

Developing a Positive Feeding Style

Hi there, Sugarbugs! This month’s blog is about developing a Positive Feeding Style. As parents and caregivers, we have the opportunity to help our children develop healthy eating habits.  How? Well, preschool age is a developmental period when our little ones acquire healthy eating skills.  Eating behaviors and preferences established during this time are likely to persist throughout their lives. So that makes it... read more »