We’re Thankful for National Brush Day in November!

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November’s not just a time of thanksgiving, it’s also National Brush Day, and we like to enjoy it all month of course. That’s because the number one reason cavities can infiltrate your child’s smile is because of plaque buildup (oral bacteria thriving on carbohydrates and releasing acids in the mouth) that breaks down tooth enamel over time. That’s why your child’s daily oral hygiene care matters so much, it’s how you can disrupt the collection of plaque and keep their tiny chompers healthy while their permanent teeth eventually arrive.

Why Brushing Matters

This month is a great time to help your child relearn good brushing techniques and there’s no reason you can’t make it fun! Keeping your child motivated to brush twice a day will make them stick to their routine and reap the benefits of a beautiful smile from healthy teeth. Good at-home dental care coupled with routine dental cleanings/exams and limiting sweets and acidic foods and drinks help your child’s smile thrive!

Celebrating National Brush Day 

-Have a family toothbrushing party where you play games making toothbrushing fun instead of just a chore.

-Set up a brush station where your kids can brush their teeth. Prizes for brushing properly can be a new toothbrush, or an unusual-flavored toothpaste (bacon, mango or chocolate, anyone?).

-Find a new toothbrush at the store (or online). A real toothbrush for older teens (powered), a toy toothbrush for a toddler and a themed toothbrush for an older child.

-If you’re making brushing a teaching moment, craft toothbrushes from cardboard, foam, felt, yarn, glitter and glue so they can brush their favorite toy’s “teeth”!

-Downloading a toothbrushing app like Brush DJ, Brush Up, Chomper Chums or Heroes of Hygiene, can be inspiring, just download them on your iPad or iPhone from the Google App Store.

Helping your child develop a love of brushing can make all the difference to their ongoing oral health, and is something they can be thankful for as they grow. Our Sugarbug Dental & Orthodontics teams in Camarillo, CA and Oxnard, CA, look forward to helping your child’s smile thrive! Call: (805) 985-2400 today!