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Daylight Savings isn’t the only clock that has been running out! In the dental insurance world, the clock is ticking as time is running out to use up your child’s dental insurance benefits. The clock runs out on December 31st, so if you haven’t used the benefits you’ve already paid for, you will lose them by the end of this year.

Now is the time to schedule any last-minute cleaning and exams or any dental work your child still needs to have done. Why is this important? Because when you sign them up for a plan you are paying the premiums upfront, meaning they just go to waste if you aren’t using it.

Also, routine dental cleanings and exams are a vital part of prevention to keep cavities and gum disease away from your child’s developing smile. And because the visit is preventative, it is usually covered at 100%. Our pediatric dental team combines skilled expertise with high-quality services while ensuring they feel relaxed and safe during their dental treatment. Led by Dr. Armand Begian and his associates, we offer the following services for your child’s smile:

-Dental Cleanings and Exams
-Dental Fillings
-Dental Sealants
-Fluoride Treatments
-Infant and Toddler Examination
-Porcelain Pediatric Crowns
-Stainless steel crowns
-Tooth Extractions

Our advanced technology includes digital X-rays for safety and comfort and laser dentistry technology to make their dental care as relaxed as possible. We also offer the latest in sedation dentistry with the option of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. To guide their developing smile we offer orthodontic treatment with the option of braces or Invisalign Teen® and pediatric mouth guards to protect your child’s mouth during sports.

To help your child receive the quality dental care they deserve, we welcome you to use their dental insurance benefits for 2021 before the clock hits January 1st! Please call Sugarbug Dental in Oxnard, CA, at 805-985-2400 for more information or to schedule your child’s appointment.





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