Does Your Child Need a Tooth Extracted? Our Skilled Team Can Make It As Comfortable as Possible!

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Our Sugarbug Dental team is happy to provide your child with a simple dental extraction as needed. They will be made as comfortable as possible so that the experience is a positive one. We work hard to make sure your child feels excited, not scared, to visit the dentist!

While your child’s teeth usually fall out on their own, there are times when a baby tooth needs some help coming out. Reasons for extracting a tooth run from extreme decay, damage from a traumatic injury, or a lack of room for a permanent tooth trying to erupt. The extraction itself is typically a simple treatment and your child’s comfort level is a priority.


If you are a little nervous about having your child’s tooth pulled, know that it is a fairly straightforward procedure. After assessing the tooth roots and bone with an X-ray, the type of sedation used for a simple extraction will be a local anesthetic. Our dentist will then pull the tooth using forceps. Initially, sterilized gauze will be used to help the area clot or a few stitches may be applied if needed. You will want the clot to remain in place so that your child doesn’t experience a dry socket which is painful if the bone is subjected to air, liquids or food. You should make sure your child doesn’t rinse for the first 24 hours after the extraction.


After the first day, your child may gently rinse with salt water, which helps keep the socket clean and soothe the area. If your child feels discomfort, they may feel better if you give them some children’s Tylenol or Ibuprofen. An ice pack can also help with the swelling. Should your child’s extraction site show infection, antibiotics will be prescribed to help.

As you might expect, make sure your child consumes mainly soft foods like soups and smoothies for the initial days after surgery, and no hard or crunch foods for the first week. This gentle care helps your child’s clot hold. Your child should eat soft food for the first few days and avoid hard or crunchy foods for at least a week to make sure the extraction area stays clean and the protective clot remains in place. They will likely feel better if they stay hydrated with plenty of water.

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