Why We Use Stainless Steel Crowns on Your Child’s Back Teeth

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Your child can lose baby teeth too soon from having cavities, often because of a poor diet or lax oral hygiene care. But their baby teeth are important as they maintain a space for the permanent tooth to come in behind it. That’s why we offer stainless steel crowns to hold that space for those milk teeth in the back of the mouth lost because of cavities. These crowns are optimal tooth replacements for those milk teeth and molars. They are also effective when your child has had a root canal on a molar.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Also referred to as (SSC), these are preformed metal crowns that are used to restore badly damaged milk teeth. While they are preformed, they still look like a tooth crown and function just the same. Eventually, the milk tooth will fall out to make room for the adult tooth coming in. When that happens, the stainless steel crown will simply fall out without negatively impacting the gums. Because SSC’s are so durable, they will typically last until the tooth falls out.

Why Replace a Milk Tooth or Molar in Children?

In addition to replacing a badly damaged tooth from tooth decay, this dental restoration may be done to replace a fractured or broken tooth, a poor tooth from birth or disease or having multiple decayed teeth. Also, for children who have a physical or mental disability where traditional tooth replacement options aren’t optimal. Stainless-steel crowns are great because they are:

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy and quick to replace
  • Offer total protection for the damaged tooth
  • More effective than using dental fillings in children younger than 4
  • Lessens the need for retreatment
  • Easiest to place when a child has general anesthesia during treatment

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