Digital X-Rays Can Make Your Child’s Next Dental Visit Quicker and More Comfortable

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When it comes to our patient’s young and impressionable smiles, our Sugarbug Dental team makes every effort to make your child’s dental visits comfortable, relaxing and fun! We want to help your child have positive associations when reclining in the dental chair so they will feel at home and ready to help create a lifetime of healthy smiles. One of the ways we do this is by using the latest in leading-edge technology so we can treat your child’s smile gently, including taking dental X-rays.

We take both standing digital X-rays and those using the NOMAD™ Handheld X-ray. It’s no secret that digital X-rays are one of the most advanced diagnostic tools helping to give children the dental care their growing smile needs. Digital X-rays make exams more convenient, comfortable and quicker than their non-digital counterparts. Thanks to digital sensors, we don’t need to use X-ray film or excessive radiation exposure to capture their teeth and gums up close. Digital X-rays are also healthier for the planet since there are no chemicals used to develop X-rays!

Digital X-rays allow our dentist to see high-quality images of your child’s smile right away, viewing them on monitors in your child’s treatment room to make an accurate diagnosis of your child’s oral condition and offer appropriate dental solutions.

We can diagnose the following oral conditions using digital X-rays:

-Detect tooth decay happening between teeth
-Spot developing issues early when they are least invasively to treat
-See if a tooth root is in a bad position
-Detect any oral cysts, abscesses or tumors
-Find fractures in current dental fillings
-Spot an infection taking place in a tooth’s nerves
-Detect jaw bone loss

If you want your child to receive high-quality dental care using digital X-rays to make their oral evaluation easier than ever before, please call for more information (or to schedule a visit with our Sugarbug Dental team)! We can be reached at (805) 985-2400 today, and look forward to helping your child’s smile thrive.