A Talkative Tooth Tells All!

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Sugarbug’s National Children’s Dental Health Month blog series features exclusive interviews with our expert care team. Since the first step along the path to strong and healthy teeth is nutrition, we thought we’d go straight to the source and talk with Mr. Marty Molar – if you want to know what’s good for teeth, ask a tooth!  

INTERVIEWER: Marty, thank you for being here.

MARTY MOLAR: I’m so grateful for the chance to speak for teeth inside mouths everywhere.  

INTERVIEWER: When we pack our lunch, we think about what we want to eat, but what are some of your favorite snacks and why?

MARTY MOLAR: One of my favorite go-to snacks is string cheese.  Dairy, in general, is very good for me because it’s loaded with calcium, which keeps me young and reduces my chances of developing decay or cavities.

INTERVIEWER: I assume you’re not much of a “sweet tooth,” then?  

MARTY MOLAR:  Ha! You’re cracking me up… I’m going to get a cavity. See what I did there? Well, like everyone I do enjoy the occasional sweet treat, but what’s best is something sweet that’s also good for me, like fruit.  Apples in particular, since they are mildly acidic, also help break up plaque that gets stuck on me. So, if you want to keep Marty happy, finish off your meal with an apple.

INTERVIEWER: What does Marty like to drink?  

MARTY MOLAR: Water! I can’t get enough of it. It’s so refreshing.  I share the mouth with a lot of my other tooth buddies – I have something like 32 roommates, so things can get stuffy in here.  Drinking water throughout the day keeps my home clean.  It helps flush out food particles and prevents plaque from building up. A clean mouth is a happy mouth.

INTERVIEWER: What about other types of drinks, like sugary sodas and Gatorade?

MARTY MOLAR: I prefer to stay away from those. They’re highly acidic and over time can break down my enamel, which is my main source of protection.

INTERVIEWER: Well Marty, this has been fun and informative. What are your plans for the rest of the day?  

MARTY MOLAR: In a bit, I’ll probably chew dinner and then hopefully I’ll get brushed and flossed.

INTERVIEWER: Sounds like a good time, Marty. Thank you so much for chatting with us!