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If your child needs to have their teeth aligned but are too shy to wear traditional braces, now they can have their teeth straightened discreetly with the help of Invisalign® Teen clear aligners! They can straighten their teeth with confidence when smiling for yearbook photos and on their social media platforms as there are no embarrassing metal brackets or wires to distract from their smile.

Invisalign Teen® aligners offer many benefits in addition to blending naturally in their mouth. The aligners can be removed to eat and drink without worrying about breaking braces parts and to clean teeth, so they’ll be brushing and flossing as usual. When those aligners come off at the end of their treatment, their teeth will be clean and beautiful, without the stains that braces sometimes leave behind since cleaning can’t be done under brackets.

Since the aligners are smooth, they won’t irritate the soft tissues in the mouth like brackets and wires often do, making them much more comfortable to wear. If worn correctly, and your teen continues their daily oral hygiene habit while wearing their aligners, their teeth and gums will stay healthy.

The Invisalign Teen® system is customized specifically for your teen’s developing smile as the clear plastic trays fit over the teeth, allowing them to continue their regular activities, whether that is playing a musical instrument or sports activities.

As your child’s teeth are straightened, our orthodontist will meet with you or your teen routinely to evaluate their progress, and to give them the next set of aligner trays to make sure they progress on schedule and stay on track with their orthodontic treatment.

This Thanksgiving, you can help your teen feel grateful for their developing smile thanks to the Invisalign Teen® System. Our Sugarbug Dental team is happy to offer these custom aligners in Oxnard, CA so you can straighten your child’s smile with this hassle-free orthodontic treatment. We welcome you to call (805) 985-2400 today to schedule a free consultation to determine if your teen is a good candidate for Invisalign® clear aligners!





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