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As a pediatric dental practice, we are here to help your growing child create healthy habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles!
The sooner your child becomes familiar with the dental office and what they can expect, the better your child’s oral health.

We offer dental cleanings and exams for infants and toddlers. Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommends that children be seen as early as six months after your child’s first tooth comes in. Seeing the dentist early helps your little one become comfortable at their dental visits and have positive experiences with our caring dental team.

Infant and toddler dental checkups also allow you to ask us any questions or address any concerns you have about your child’s developing smile! Good dental hygiene habits begin at a young age. What you (and your child) can expect at a normal pediatric dental appointment:

-Our friendly staff will greet you and your little one.
-We will chat with you about your questions and concerns about caring for your child’s smile.
-We will go over your child’s medical health and family history.
-Dr. Begian will inquire about your child’s oral habits – do they use a pacifier? What is their current diet? How are they developing generally?
-Your child’s teeth and gums will be gently examined, and we will let you know which teeth you can expect to come in next.
-You will receive oral hygiene advice that covers brushing, flossing, how to avoid injury to the teeth and mouth, adding fluoride, etc.
-You will be given an overview of your child’s oral health and recommendations for their oral habits, what kind of dental cleaning tools you should use at home, dietary tips and pacifier advice.
-You will receive a schedule of recommended future dental appointments for your child.

You probably already know that if you come into our office happy and calm your child will likely feel safe and relaxed. You can encourage them to feel happy by speaking in positive terms about what is going on during their visit with us. Our goal is to help your child smile while creating healthy smiles!

Please call us at 805-985-2400 to arrange your child’s first visit to Sugarbug Dental!





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