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One of the things we try to do here at Sugarbug Dental is to help your child keep their teeth as healthy as possible. This is done with regular dental cleanings and exams to supplement their at-home daily oral hygiene care.


If a tooth has severe decay that reaches the tooth pulp and is accompanied by pain, our dentist may recommend performing a pulpotomy, which is essentially a baby tooth root canal treatment to save the infected tooth.

This can happen if the tooth does not receive needed treatment before it gets to this stage, or if the decay is simply too extensive. Our skilled dental team offers simple tooth extractions to remove a badly decayed tooth while ensuring that your child is as comfortable as possible. This treatment is typically reserved for teeth that can’t be saved, and is pretty straightforward.

Tooth Extraction

Our goal is always the health of your child’s teeth and gums, aka their smile. There are instances where we can’t save the tooth, making extraction their best option. These include having an infected tooth with extensive decay and destruction of the bone structure supporting the tooth, or if the tooth can’t support a filling or crown because of extensive decay. Another reason to extract a tooth is if there are too many of them (crowding) which could alter the proper alignment of the teeth that could lead to malocclusion of the bite.


If a tooth requires extraction, our dental team will make sure your child feels safe and comfortable during their time in the chair. We want their experiences at our office to be positive and pain-free as much as possible.

After the extraction, you will be given post-treatment care information to help you take care of their smile while it does the important job of healing. If you have concerns or questions about saving your child’s teeth or having a tooth extraction, please call (805) 985-2400 to learn more.





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