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Mouth guards are made to protect your child’s smile from injury due to sudden impact or from ongoing wear and tear from constant grinding of their teeth. Mouth guards can protect the upper teeth, lips, tongue, jaw, face and the inside of the cheeks. Occlusal guards are worn over the teeth to cushion them as your child sleeps whereas sports mouth guards are worn to over teeth to safeguard them from sudden oral injury.

-Occlusal guard: An occlusal guard is designed to protect your child’s teeth if they habitually grind their teeth or clench their jaw while they sleep at night. Over time, this habit, also called bruxism, can wear down precious tooth enamel and lead to tooth sensitivity and problems with the jaw. Custom mouth guards are tailored specifically for your child’s bite, so they are comfortable to wear by covering the teeth and biting surfaces.

-Sports guard: These mouth guards are created to protect the tooth above the gum line (the crown) along with the parts of the tooth that lie below the gum line, covering both teeth and gums. Oral injuries from contact sports or high impact recreational activities can knock out the front teeth, leading to problems with their speech, chewing and even smiling self-consciously. A sports guard also safeguards your child’s braces from damage and protecting the oral tissues from injury.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

To develop properly, your child’s smile is vital for maintaining dental structure and function. Considering that a traumatic tooth injury often doesn’t heal, there might be costly dental issues to correct down the road. Why take this risk when a custom mouth guard can protect your child from the start?

If your child bruxes in their sleep or is active in sports such as baseball, softball, football, or soccer, we welcome you to seek an evaluation by our dentist, Dr. Vikrum Nanda to see if a mouth guard is right for them. You can reach our orthodontic team at Sugarbug Dental in Oxnard, CA by calling (805) 985-2400 today!





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