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When your child completes their time in braces, they will need to wear a retainer to keep the aligned teeth in their new position. Without the help of a retainer, the teeth will shift back into their old places and affect the bite’s function and look. At Sugarbug Dental, we offer retainers for our young patients fresh out of braces!

Retainer Types

These custom-crafted dental appliances come in three forms:

-The removable Hawley retainer uses a plastic base with wires and clasps that hold it against the roof of the mouth of the upper arch and for the lower arch, sits along the tongue side of the teeth.

-Removable clear retainers are made of plastic that fits over the teeth, and while it’s less obvious than the Hawley version, they may not last as long.

-Fixed retainers are permanently attached to the back of the front teeth to keep them in place and can only be taken off by our dentist.

Retainer Care

To keep the teeth aligned, your child must wear the retainer as instructed. This is the first and most important step. Caring for the retainer is pretty easy. To keep it germ-and-bacteria-free, your child needs to be diligent about brushing and flossing daily and soaking the retainer in mouthwash or other cleaning solution to remove bacteria.

Removable retainers should always be taken out before eating and placed in a container when not being worn, to make sure they aren’t accidentally thrown away. Plastic and acrylic retainers are heat sensitive, so they should never be placed in high heat. This means no soaking in hot water, no boiling and not placing it in the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, dryer, or left in the car on a hot day. Last but not least, the retainer should be removed during sports and an athletic guard worn in its place.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Vikrum Nanda, is pleased to help you find the right type of retainer for your child. We welcome you to reach out to our orthodontic team at Sugarbug Dental in Oxnard, CA by calling us at (805) 985-2400 today!





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