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When you’re faced with what you should drink with a meal, water is always the best answer for your oral health. Water is important for your physical health as well as your oral health. By making sure you are getting enough water throughout the day, you can help protect your teeth and clean your mouth from bacteria and food particles.

Our Dentist, Dr. Armand Begian, looks forward to helping you have the best oral health. Additionally, our team at Sugarbug Dental & Orthodontics in Oxnard, California, wants to help you keep your mouth healthy between your visits with us.

Drinking water is an important part of your oral health. If allowed to rest too long on your teeth and gums, food particles and bacteria can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. By drinking water you are able to help your mouth wash away unwanted food particles and bacteria. Drinking water, especially fluoride treated water, can clean and protect your teeth.

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your teeth. You get the benefits of fluoridated water, a calorie-free and refreshing drink, and it helps salivate your mouth (which helps you avoid dry mouth and get rid of food particles). By fighting bacteria with water, you can not only avoid cavities and infections but strengthen your pearly whites as well. Another benefit is helping avoid nasty, bad breath also known as halitosis.

To encourage your child to drink more water, give them a fun water bottle or cup that’s special to them. Reward them when they reach a water-drinking goal. You can set it up so it’s weekly or monthly, and then take them out for a treat or outing or give them a small toy (perhaps something tooth-related!). Lead by example by drinking lots of water yourself. It’s not only great for your oral health but your overall health as well!

If you have any concerns about your oral health, call us at (805) 985-2400 and set up your appointment today. Our dental team is happy to help you understand what to include in your diet to best help your mouth’s health.





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