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At Sugarbug Dental & Orthodontics in Oxnard, California, we are pleased to help children of all ages develop a healthier smile and are equipped for all of your child’s dental and orthodontic needs. We offer professional six-month dental cleanings and checkups to make sure your child is on track developmentally as well as free of tooth decay and gum disease.

So what can your child expect from our experienced team when they come in for a routine exam and cleaning? First, we welcome your child and help them feel comfortable with our team. We’ll clean their teeth gently and thoroughly, making sure that plaque and tartar are not lingering on the teeth or around the gum line. We’ll floss between the teeth and around the gumline to make sure their teeth are spotless.

We’ll also inspect their teeth, gums and oral tissue to make sure there are no problems, and that the jaw and teeth are developing normally. Early detection can make all the difference in providing speedy, effective, and least invasive treatment necessary. We will take dental X-rays to help us diagnose potential problems in the earliest stages.

The importance of fluoride

One preventative measure we offer our young patients is a fluoride varnish their teeth to help prevent cavities. We also offer other options to help keep tooth decay away if you prefer. If you do want to have your child receive a fluoride varnish, rest assured that this natural mineral is safe to use. Not only can fluoride remineralize tooth enamel, it can strengthen your child’s teeth as they grow. This is important because the oral bacteria, acids, and sugars from food and drinks they consume are constantly attacking precious tooth enamel. With fluoride on their side, your child can fight back against decay.

We will conclude our visit by addressing any concerns you may have regarding your child’s daily hygiene care and development, and provide you with tips to make sure their at-home care is complete.

Although we recommend dental checkups every six months, if your child sustains a dental injury, has pain in the mouth, or a dental emergency, we invite you to give us a call right away. If you have any further questions for our team or would like to schedule your child’s next visit with one of our caring dentists, Dr. Armand Begian or Drs. Tirgari, Nanda, Patricia, Sahar, Danesh, Nara, Banty, and Negar, please call Sugarbug Dental at (805) 985-2400 today!





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